Solo Travel Guide – City Edition


One of the best ways to explore all your potential strengths, weaknesses, and options in life is to travel solo. 
And what a better way to begin your journey other than to start with some of the most popular cities! Cities are a safer option to begin with as they include most of the popular tourist attractions and are easily accessible to nearby local areas or towns to go on day trips. Additionally, you are in control of the duration of the trip- you get to do what activities you’ve been wanting to try and the budget for hotels and flights are all in your hands. These are just some of the more obvious benefits of being a solo traveller, but there are also other benefits like the growth you experience as a person. Travelling solo can help boost your confidence levels and deepens your understanding of the world.  
Here is our guide on how to travel alone, city edition: 
Talk to locals: As daunting as this task can seem, if you are able to communicate with the local populace, you definitely should. It’ll not only open up new friendships and but can give you insider information into local delicacies, events and attractions you would’ve otherwise missed! 
Don't over-plan: Be more spontaneous! Whether it’s trying out new cuisines or new activities, this is one of the best ways to explore different cities and take in new cultures.   
Be patient: Navigating a new city alone is difficult, take your time to absorb the rhythm of the city and simply blend in as a local. Make the most of your travel apps to guide you around and bask in the glorious culture each city offers! 
Buy travel insurance: A no brainer for any type of travel, buy travel insurance. All travel costs associated with your insurance package will help you claim many expenses back, should something go wrong. Additionally, the insurance might be specific to the destination so it's always important have a throughout read of the policies.  
And there you go. Time to pick up your travel bags and set off on an unforgettable journey of new adventures, experiences and lots more!