Travel essentials for your next holiday!

Different types of travel require specific travelling essentials. You wouldn’t take a pair of swimming shorts on your voyage up Mount Everest, that would be silly. It is important to carefully research and plan what to pack before you embark on any sort of travel, especially if it is your first time travelling to said destination or even if it’s a solo or group trip you are embarking on. Here are some of the most necessary essentials we believe you should pack for your next destination:
  • Driver’s licence – Who needs a driver's license on a holiday when you’re  trying to get away from that city bustle feeling? We say - you do! Not only does it double up as identification, but you could use it to rent a car for impromptu road trips or even a Vespa by the Italian coastline! However, it should mentioned that you must be very careful with where you store such essential documents whilst traveling to avoid any issues with your belongings.
  • Power banks and charging adaptors –Whether you are island hopping in Greece or on a peaceful retreat in Bali, having your electronics all charged and ready to go is a must. If you know the country you are travelling to has different plug sockets, a charging adapter is a handy tool for you to have on board. Even if you do not plan on using your electronic devices very often, being able to charge your phone so you can contact someone if there is an emergency is absolutely vital.
  • Appropriate footwear – Now we all know clothing according to the destination is a thing, but we are stressing the need for the right footwear too! A bulk of your journey will go into either walking around the city or trekking across mountains – all of which require comfortable footwear in order to ensure an enjoyable experience no matter where you are. As a thumb of rule, you can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers!
  • List of emergency contacts – Whilst we hope your travels are peaceful and relaxing, you can run into some misfortune, for example, losing some of your valuables like your passport or other essentials. It’s even normal to lose your way in a new city sometimes. Having a list of emergency contacts, you can rely on will greatly reduce the amount of stress you ensure on your holiday
  • Sunscreen – One of the most neglected items that we tend to forget is sunscreen! Did you know that even for colder countries, it is important that you shield yourself from the harsh UV rays that is present in the atmosphere? Researching ahead of time is heavily advised or if you want to play it safe, pick a higher SPF rating.
  • A mini first/essentials aid kit – This not only applies to those adventure-based activities during the trip, but in general it is always better to have a first aid kit with you to be safe. A couple band-aids, painkillers and other medication that are necessary to you should be kept close to you at all times. Considering the day and age we live in; a couple face masks and sanitizers would help too!
So, there you have it. Our travel essentials for your next trip are guaranteed to ensure you have a safe and secure journey to any destination. Bon Voyage!