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Ghanaian Culture

Explore the beautiful city of Accra and it’s rich history find out why it’s at the centre of Pan Africanism studies.

Embrace yourself in rich Ghanaian culture, experience tropical beaches and exotic wildlife in the national parks.

Take part in a powerful eye-opening tour of the slave history of Ghana through a visit to Cape Coast Slave Castle and Elimina Castle

Cape Coast  |  History  |  Road Trip

We have a range of exciting tours for 2020 and for 2021!

Adventures  |  History  |  Blue Safari

Zanzibar Landscapes

A unique African archipelago and idyllic geography of white sand beaches.

Learn about Stone Town – Tanzania’s famous history between 1830 – 1863 (now a UNESCO World Heritage).

See local fauna… a variety of rare species only seen in the Zanzibar demographic.


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Cape Town Safari

Explore the African wildlife and explore the local fauna & flora of South Africa’s demographic.

Tour wine estates and enjoy Cape Town’s most beautiful vineyards while you wine taste and dine.

Take a guided historical tour of the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.

The Safari  |  Wine Tasting  |  Robben Island

Showcasing the Variety of Beauty Africa has to Offer

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