Original About Us

At Thee Curious Traveller we are extremely passionate about exploring Africa.  We specialise in group tours in African countries bringing together a community of travellers from around the world who are curious about Africa and eager to explore the diversity which resides within the continent.  Whether it be wildlife, nature, culture or relaxing at the beach our group tours provide a variety of extraordinary experiences for you to be a part of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase the variety in beauty Africa has to offer beyond its incredible Safaris.  We want Africa to be your number one choice for various travel experiences from crystal clear beach holidays in Zanzibar, to mountain climbing adventures in Cape Town, South Africa and cultural festivals in Accra, Ghana.

“As part of our mission we aim to serve and build a community of travellers who are curious about exploring Africa together.”

Mission & Vision Statements

We explore the diverse beauty Africa has to offer, through travel tours delivered with a cultural purpose, a sense of togetherness, curiosity and adventure to help travellers around the world connect with the African community.

Specialists in delivering exciting and adventurous itineraries in undiscovered territories – giving opportunities for millennials and professionals to learn about Africa.

“Our vision is to be the world’s leading travel tour operator providing group tours in Africa – with a personal touch; providing diverse African travel experiences and world class customer service to our customers.”

Our Values


We promote travel in minority and under-represented groups, to encourage awareness and cultural education; in order to understand the African history and the black heritage that exists within Africa. We aim make travel affordable for these communities. We offer group tours at affordable prices, enabling professionals that love to travel to discover the wonders of Africa.


We are inclusive of local travel experts and believe in unity and working together. All our group tours are run in partnership with local tour guides that have in-depth knowledge and experience in the region.  We include our local guides in every step of our tours from the initial planning phase to the final step in operating each tour, our aim is to provide you with incredible experiences backed by local experts.  The best part about our collaborative approach is that we are able to discover hidden gems and secrets from locals which we pass onto our curious traveller community.


We are committed to responsible travel in Africa and aim to work closely with local businesses within each country we operate, from local Tour Guides, to restaurants and hotels.  We aspire for all our tours to contribute to and support local economies and bring long term value to every African country we operate in.


Not only is Thee Curious Traveller team made up of expert travellers, we work closely with Travel Bloggers and Influencers to create inspired, unique experiences for our tours.  We understand the continent of Africa is large with many destinations yet to be explored, we therefore take pride in working with travel enthusiasts and experts in the industry to ensure the experiences we provide are knowledgeable, exciting and dynamic.

Want To Work With Us?

We believe in partnering up with like-minded people – whether you’re a Travel Company, Independent Tour Guide, Travel Blogger, or Influencer.

If you are interested in connecting with us or would like to work together to create a new group tour in an African country, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!