A cultural walk-through of Malta

Malta, the sun-kissed vibrant island located in Southern Europe is an archipelago of boundless shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient temples and massive fortresses tell the story of the island’s long-standing history. Geographically resting between both Europe and Africa, the Maltese have roots in both continents. 
The island has a long history that dates back to some 7,000 years when it was first inhabited by farmers around 5900 BC. Since then, its culture has evolved through a number of influences right from Phoenicians to Romans and Arabs. Malta is a melting pot of not only cultures and religions, but also of languages. Latin remained the official language throughout the Roman period from 218 BC to the early 6th century AD and was known as ‘Mellite', the administrative hub of the Island. 
Its capital, Valletta, is the smallest national capital in the European union and perhaps one of the most interesting places you’ll ever visit. Adorned with grand baroque architecture including a number of palaces and auberges that were at some point residences of knights of various origins. Some notable and historically rich attractions in Malta include The Grand Master’s Palace, Auberge de Castille and St John’s Co-Cathedral, which tell the tales of the Maltese in the most authentic sense.  
A huge part of the Maltese culture is also centered around the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It's quite common to see deep underwater caves and exotic wildlife as part of the tourist attractions in this country. Moreover, Malta is also known to be big on water sports like kayaking and jet skiing and what's even more interesting is that snorkelling is quite a popular daily activity among its people. 
If there’s one thing you can't miss when experiencing the Maltese culture, is their divine local cuisine which draws in flavours from the Arab world but also North Africa. From Pastizzi  to Lampuki pie which is a traditional fish recipe dating back to 18th Century, the country’s dishes will leave you coming back for more! 
This small island country that has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site today, is bound to leave you in complete cultural awe upon visiting its ancient lands. Head to our live trips to book your trip today!