The only thing that truly divides us is the oceans between continents. Thee Curious Traveller is a Travel company aiming to close the divide.

Whether you are looking to explore your heritage and culture in Africa, or tackle the Andes mountain range in South America – Thee Curious Traveller will welcome you into our travel groups with open arms. Stepping foot onto a new continent can be an unfamiliar experience, especially if you are going solo. Our team of seasoned travel guides will steer your journey to sites that make you stop and reflect on the beauty life holds – and if that sounds too calm for you, we can throw you into a lion cage in Zambia!

Always remember we want you to go somewhere you have never been before, no matter where your heritage lies. Our group experiences are open to everyone. We will help you make priceless memories that you’ll never forget - so bring some friends to share in the wonders of the world! If you have no friends to bring, do not worry! You can join our groups and form new friendships with people from diverse cultures.


Our mission is to make the rich culture and heritage of the world known to all. The real joy of travel is not about the exotic landscapes you discover, but the renewed perspective you leave with. We want each individual that joins us to be forever enriched from the experience. Through discovery of the world, you will discover more about yourself.


Our vision is to be the leading promoters to minority communities in the travel industry. We believe that everyone should have a chance to experience the beauty of the world – we aim to create a new normal of diversity and inclusion in travel.