Are you a travel influencer? Want to earn & travel?

Whether you are a self-certified travel influencer, a professional traveller or simply someone that’s passionate about travel why not host a trip with us


Why host a trip with Thee Curious Traveller?

Travel with purpose

  • Bring your community together
  • Strengthen your bond with your community
  • Travel & earn income on each trip you host
  • Create fresh new content in the country

Hosting Benefits

  • Travel & earn
  • Airport transfers
  • Accomodation
  • International flight allowance
  • Activites
  • Some meals

Stress-free Planning

  • Design your dream trip
  • Support from your dedicated travel manager
  • Choose how much you earn per trip
  • Host as many trips as you want
  • Customer support throughout the process
  • Dedicated tour guide on the trip

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Hosting FAQs

To qualify to host a trip you must pass the interview assessment process and be in a position successfully get a minimum of 7 people to book your trip.
Everything included in the trip package is complimentary for you.
You will be allocated an allowance for your airfare and as soon as your trip is confirmed you can book your flights.
Your trip will only be confirmed once a minimum of 7 people book your trip.
If you do not hit the minimum number of bookings your trip before 45 days till the trip takes place it will be cancelled or rescheduled, and the customers will be refunded their down payments in full.
You will host the trip and be the group leader however we will allocate an experienced professional tour guide/s that will perform all the tour guiding duties.
For your first trip it may be easier to host a trip to destination you have been already because your audience may feel more comfortable booking, however you do not need to know the destination well, your dedicated local guide/s will be very knowledgeable in this.
You will be responsible for planning the trip with full support from your travel manager during the planning phase. Your trip will have to be approved by your travel manager before it can be published.
During the planning phase we will shortlist accommodation options however the type of accommodation you stay at will depend on the type of trip you want to have and the destination. Please note accommodations are subject to change depending on group size and for various reasons outside of our control.
You are welcome to bring a plus one on a trip and their trip will be complimentary too however their expense will be factored into the trip package price, and this will mean a higher selling price.
We recommend 9 months + to plan a trip in order to allow your audience enough time to make a purchasing commitment.
You will set how much you want to earn.
Refer a friend to host a trip and earn £600 ($900) once their trip gets confirmed to say thanks! To be eligible for the referral cash, the referred Host must not be in the process of working with us (application phase or planning). Please kindly let us know as soon as you speak with them to confirm your referral.