Group travelling and what to expect

Thinking about a getaway without having to worry about planning the whole trip? Group travelling is an ideal option for you, especially if you do not have a travelling partner or are just looking to make new friends through a unique experience. Although it may feel like the old school camping days, group travelling as an adult is quite adventurous and venturesome. Travelling with a group allows you to meet new people and make friendships and memories of a lifetime.  
  • An already planned trip 
Travelling with a group means an itinerary that is already planned out and you simply need to get out there and explore. It includes everything from a knowledgeable guide and transportation to accommodation, and meals (optional). All you must do is take a seat back and enjoy the ride! 
  • Exploring with like-minded people 
If you are travelling with a group, you are more likely to meet like-minded people, looking to and for the same things at the destination. By enrolling on a group trip, you are opening yourself to new adventures and people from various parts of the world whom you otherwise would not have met. Who knows? You may even find your next travel partner! 
  • Safety  
Travelling in large numbers will not only make you feel safe whilst going out, but help you avoid unsafe spots as your travel guide would have carefully planned out the places you visit. You will also be instructed about how to be careful with your money and valuables at the destination and can take advice from your tour guide at any time. Additionally, travelling through an agency would further safeguard you as hotels and activities would be pre-checked beforehand.  
  • Getting out of your comfort zone 
Travelling with a new group of people would push you to get out of your comfort zone and get you going on your toes, especially if you are going on an adventurous trip! Group trips will allow you to gain new perspectives, whether that is through the trip itself or your interactions with other travellers. 
With so many advantages of travelling with a group, what are you waiting for? Visit our live and influencer trips to book your next eye-opening group experience!