Summer Destinations

You deserve a break, you really do. The past few years have been incredibly tough, and you deserve an incredibly relaxing break where you can un-wind and recover in the sun, by a lovely beach with warm sand and a clear ocean. We have 5 amazing destinations in mind where you can get away and have the time of your life!
The Maldives – You can never go wrong with the classics. Renowned for its vast stretches of glistening oceans, thriving coral reefs, and luxurious villas, The Maldives offer one of the most blissful beach destination holidays you can dream of. Truly a place where you can get away and remain undisturbed by the outside world. Perfect for a couple’s getaway or even a peaceful retreat to detox from the world.
Peru – This multicultural destination definitely should be on your bucket list! Bringing that South America flair, Peru is home to famous peaks like Machu Picchu and vividly rich in culture and folklore. To add to this, it is a hub for biodiversity and has some of the most exotic animals strolling across its land for adventurers to spot. With cities like Lima and Cuzco on its side, no wonder it is an ideal destination for group travels looking for that adventurous spirit!
The islands of Greece – We’ve all seen the crisp blue and white hues of Santorini all over our Instagram and it's time to make it a reality.  Choose from a large selection of islands that are home to towns that are rich with history and surrounded by amazing beaches on the Aegean Sea. A perfect getaway for those who do want to sunbathe, leisurely swim and immerse in culture. Let's not forget the delicious food too!
Kenya – Safari to sea, Kenya has it all! Home to world-famous safari parks, multiple coastal areas where you can relax on pearly beaches or take part in fun activities like snorkelling. You can experience the melting pot of cultures and the delicious cuisines in Mombasa and Malindi. When you’re done relaxing in the sun, you can have a change of scenery within Mount Kenya National Park where you can go hiking up snow-capped mountains.
Bali – Sea, sun and tan lines! Another popular hub for the summer is the exotic – Bali. Experience an island that is incredibly rich with natural beauty and full of attractions for every kind of traveller. Whether you want to surf on stunning waves, trek up jungle paths that lead to volcanic peaks or misty waterfalls or cycle through lush landscapes, they are truly no short of anything. Plus, visit some of the villages that are brimming with life and culture as an addition to your stay to make it an eye-opening experience! 
All this talk about summer destinations, is itching us to book our next holiday and now is the perfect time. Visit all these destinations and more with Thee Curious Traveller. Check out our Trips Page for live trips that we can't wait to take you to!