Top vegan cities around the globe

Vegan travellers - we see you! As the vegan population starts to increase, we know how important it is for you to find the right destination with the right food. Now, vegan travellers do not have to depend on sad-looking salads for their meals anymore as cities around the globe are increasingly shifting towards providing restaurants offering menus with entirely plant-based dishes. 
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: With over 40+ fully vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv, The Vegan Capital, it is home to the highest percentage of vegans globally. These restaurants serve mostly Israeli or Middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and have a variety of options right from deli to diner style! 
  • Berlin, Germany: Sampling local food in the vegan cafes and restaurants of Berlin is a wonderful way to enjoy the culture of this beautiful city. The city is also home to the largest vegan supermarket chain. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be no short of ice cream and cake parlors.  
  • Paris, France: From vegan burgers to plant-based desserts like croissants, this romantic city has transformed its title from the least vegan-friendly place to menus full of vegan options such as that of even their traditional vegan macarons! 
  • New York City, USA: From fine dining dishes to plant-based snacks, vegan bakeries, and dessert shops, the busy city of New York has people from all cultures and races feeling at home. 
And there you have it! Our full list of vegan cities you have to put down on your bucket list. Stay tuned to our live trip page for tours to these cities and many more!